Kavkaz Jazz

Jazz Festival 2017

Kavkaz Jazz Festival  2017. Tbilisi, Georgia  

Kavkaz Jazz – is the only one non-commercial jazz festival in the region, which includes an educational component. Namely this fact makes it uniqueness. Purpose of project is development of jazz, as well as cultural conversation between jazzmen on the South Caucasus, that promotes co-projects between them. It is held in Tbilisi annually since 2010. For this moment around 100 musicians participated in festivals.


Kavkaz Jazz Festival Program - 2017. Tbilisi, Georgia  

JUNE 14-19

14-19 June Jazz Workshops by International Team at Tbilisi State Conservatoire.

For participation fill the application https://goo.gl/forms/2O8zsJD1t5Osv3q93


Bands from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia

* Jazz Patterns - Azerbaijan

* Lucy Khanyan trio- Armenia

* Artur Grigorian Band- Armenia

*  Auditorium A - Georgia

JUNE 19, MONDAY 20:00, Jam Session - JAZZ Up The Borders

Special Guests:

* Armen Hyusnunts- saxophone(Armenia) 

* Salman Gambarov - piano (Azerbaijan) 

* George Mel - drum (Georgia-USA)

* Şentürk Öztaş - el.bass (Turkey) 


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All video view here

The Mission of the festival is to encourage exchanges of experience between jazz musicians from Caucasus region and to give the jazz audience the opportunity to listen to new jazz talent of Caucasus.


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Kavkaz Jazz 2017

14 - 19 June, 2017
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Tbilisi (Georgia)
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The Kavkaz Jazz Festival brings people together

Helen Mechitova, founder



Program 2017


Participants 2017

 Participants of Kavkaz Jazz Festival 2017 are from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey. More details are here

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